Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Neuro update

Yesterday both kids had neuro appointments. Cole's was a 6 month check up. Every thing is great! He is exceeding every ones hopes and dreams! He is 48 pounds and just a half an inch shy of 4 feet tall! Dr. Dave said patients like Cole are why is went into medicine!

Avery on the other hand...We decided to put her on a low dose of Zoloft. She seems to have anxiety which may or may not be making her hyperventilate more. She is having drop episodes not seizure related---oxygen related. She is hyperventilating so much that her brain isn't getting enough oxygen so she kind of passes out. We are going to have to start putting her helmet on if we cant get her breathing slowed down. She had 2 episodes while in with the doctor. One time she fell so hard that she got a huge goose egg right at the top of her forehead.

We also have to get some blood work done to check her tegratol level and general blood levels. We are also taking her for an EKG, it is something that I have known she needed but put off for some reason. Some rett girls have whats called long Q-T syndrome that can cause a fatal arrhythmia.


Rebecca said...

Good luck with the EKG. We have our second one on the 5th of January. Of everything Caitlyn has been through, that is the easiest test!

Kelly said...

I know we have talked on the phone but wanted to comment here too - YAY for Cole's GREAT check up!!! AND I hope things can get figured out a little for Aves poor little sweetie, I hope the zoloft helps with the anxiety. Hang in there...and yes, the EKG is a breeze!

Karlie Grace said...

Ditto to the EKG being so simple and hooray for Cole. That's wonerful news that he's doing so well, sounds like your sweet boy is growing great. We're finally going ahead with a helmet. The last ER visit was enough to convince me. I hope you see relativly quick results with the zoloft, i'm sure those drop episodes are scary.

The Bargain Buggy said...

Looks like you have a great support group on here of other moms with little retts angels! Please keep us posted!

Abbysworld said...

Wow. Abby holds her breath like crazy and will occasionaly start to eye roll but always catches herself before she falls.
We have decided not to medicate until the doc insist on it. She has anxiety but I dont think it's like Avery's. Poor little sweetie. I wish we could get them together.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I hate that Avery is having the drop episodes! Hopefully the zoloft will help. Good luck with the EKG - we still have not done one. I guess I need to ask about it at her next appointment!