Friday, January 23, 2009

New big girl bedroom

We are still not finished with Avery's room but its a start. We still need to get 2 duvet covers for the beds. My friend, Rachael, is painting some frames and is going to paint a mural of a fairy at some point in time.


Grammy said...

Carrie, I love Avery's room! The curtains are really the ribbons. Be sure and post a picture of the fairy mural when it is finished....Brookie Bean loves fairies, too! She loves when the fairy dance comes on the Wiggles DVD.

Brooklyn's Grammy....Suzy

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

Avery - It looks like you have an extra bed for Brookie Bean - we bette come visit and have a sleep over in your AWESOME big girl room!

abbysworld said...

Watch it Kel. That's Abby's bed!!LOL