Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The time has come and it leaves me feeling quite sad. Avery is aging out of Early Intervention next month. These women have come into our home on a weekly basis for more than the past year and a half. One in particular, Ms. Jessica, was Cole's DT when he was in EI so I am going to miss her a ton. They all promise to keep track of us and check in every now and then but it just wont be the same. They have all become a part of the family and they will all be missed dearly. Thanks ladies for loving my daughter and helping to push her to achieve even the smallest of goals.

Alisa, OT


The weather has been awesome here----warm but not hot, sunny and breezy! We spent the afternoon on Saturday outside. Avery loved to swing, and was the most content she has been in quite awhile!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Bug Musical

Cole's K class put on a bug play set to music from throughout the years. Cole was a lovebug and they sang a song to "Soul Man" from Blues Brothers. They did a great job!

Day out with Thomas

My parents took Cole to see Thomas the train this weekend. He had a blast! He has been completely obsessed with Thomas since before he was 2 (as are a lot of autistic boys! ). He rode 2 trains, got a tattoo, say Sir Topham Hatt and played for hours. He was so excited---he calls it "A day without Thomas" :)