Friday, October 31, 2008

Class party

I went and took a "special snack" to Cole's class today. Parties are no longer permitted...Here is a picture of Cole's girlfriend. She is next in alphabetical order so they spend quite a bit of time together! She is so sweet. I approve! :P

Who lives in a pineapple.....

....under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!

and our sweet lady-bug

Happy Halloween!

What fearful shapes and shadows beset his path, amidst the dim and ghastly glare of a snowy night! With what wistful look did he eye every trembling ray of light streaming across the waste fields from some distant window! How often was he appalled by some shrub covered with snow, which, like a sheeted specter, beset his very path! How often did he shrink with curdling awe at the sound of his own steps on the frosty crust beneath his feet; and dread to look over his shoulder, lest he should behold some uncouth being tramping close behind him! and how often was he thrown into complete dismay by some rushing blast, howling among the trees, in the idea that it was the Galloping Hessian on one of his nightly scouring! - - - Washington Irving --a quote from "The Legend of Sleep Hollow"

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Triple the fun!

I bought the triplets some halloween onesies. Today was the photo shoot! They are all getting to have quite entertaining personalities!

(Joel, Claire, Collin)
(Joel & Collin) Claire

Saturday, October 25, 2008

feeding clinic, Rett clinic, measurements, oh my!

We have had a fun packed few days! On Thursday morning, Avery had an appt. at the feeding clinic through Children's Rehab services. It went well, Avery is perfect! They said that she is doing well and we should keep doing what we are doing and avoid those foods that we know she doesn't tolerate well. The said that a good caloric intake for Avery(because she is never still unless sleeping) was around 1700 calories a day! That is a HUGE amount of food!

After that we picked up Avery's mama G and headed to Birmingham. Avery had her 6 month follow up with Dr. Percy and Nurse Jane. They too commented on how well Avery was doing. She has put on almost 4 pounds in the time since our last appointment! My little chunky monkey! The first thing that Avery did was walk right over to Dr. Percy and wait to be picked up---she loves Dr. P! We will go back in May. I cant believe that in 6 short months Avery will turn 3 and age out of Early Intervention. Time sure flies by!

(Waiting for Dr. P and Jane---they were 15 mins late!)
Avery going over to Dr. PercyAvery and Dr. P
Jane and Avery

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rett's Littlest Angel

The article about Avery and Rett Syndrome came out today. It has made me cry all morning! Click on the following link for the entire article!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

cole's new bed

I had my dad build Cole a loft bed. Just like most little boys, Cole loves forts! The room isn't completely done, but you get the idea!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

long time

I just realized it has been well over a week since my last post! sorry! Not much new to report. Avery seems to be better on her new medicine as far as hyperventilating and anxiety. She is still stumbling quite a bit (proof in the picture below) though.

A reporter from our local paper is coming this afternoon to do an article on Avery-doo! I am so excited---hopefully it will enlighten some people in the community so they will open their hearts and pockets for Rett syndrome research!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Brotherly love

Some of you might be wondering why I posted this obviously old picture of Cole and Avery. Well this picture might be the last time Cole showed affection for his sister in a loving way---that is until yesterday.
Yesterday afternoon Cole was playing with his trains in the dining room making tracks under the chairs. Avery was sitting next to him. Thad and I sneaked to see what was going on and found Cole "reading" a book to his sister. The next thing we knew he was tickling her and then leaned over and said "love you, Avery"! Completely unprovoked, unscripted, just a brother being sweet to his sister. Thad and I both got a bit choked up---we knew he really liked her!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Rett Syndrome Awareness Month

Hey ya'll!

It is October; a time for cooler weather, beautiful changing leaves, and more importantly Rett Syndrome Awareness Month! This year, I am trying to make it “Action Month” as well. Since you are “aware” of Rett Syndrome, I am asking you to help me take action.

As you know, our daughter, Avery, suffers greatly from Rett syndrome. This devastating disease has taken away her ability to walk well, talk, and use her hands but it has not taken away her spirit, laughter, and love. She truly is my personal inspiration. In honor of Avery, I am joining the non-profit organization Girl Power 2 Cure to help fund Rett Syndrome research.

A few facts about Rett Syndrome to consider:
* It is a debilitating neurological disorder that mainly affects girls
* It is the most severe form of AUTISM
* It is the leading cause of severe impairment in females – most cannot speak, walk, or use their hands
* Is caused by a random gene mutation, every baby girl has an equal chance of acquiring
* Another baby girl is born afflicted every 90 minutes
* It COULD be the first childhood neurological disorder CURED!!
Did I just say CURED?


Yes!! There is amazing research going on RIGHT NOW that has the potential to give Avery back everything she has lost. We are very hopeful for treatments or a possible cure! Of course this takes continued research and Girl Power 2 Cure, Inc. uses 100% of their proceeds to fund the top Rett Syndrome research labs in the world.

To make a donation in honor of Avery and help change the lives of hundreds of thousands of little girls just like mine, visit our family’s personal page: and click the “donate” button.


To really make an impact, also consider sponsoring a drug in honor of Avery. There is a crucial project needing funding which will test all 3,000 pre-approved FDA drugs. There could be help for Avery on the shelf just waiting! One drug costs just $168 to test. Click the link on our family page, or go directly to: to sponsor a drug now.Please share this email with all of YOUR friends and family as well – together we have the POWER to beat Rett Syndrome!

With Sincere Gratitude,
Carrie and Thad

Build a Bear

Avery got her Girl Power 2 Cure build-a-bear kitty in the mail yesterday! We were one of the first 20 families to sign up for a membership. It is adorable. It is almost as big as she is! :)