Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Avery and Riley

I don't recall exactly how Erin and I became friends on this Rett journey but I'm so glad we did. Avery and I are fortunate enough to see Erin and Riley (and the rest of the Bleske bunch) every spring when they come and vacation at the beach. Today was one of those lucky days. We met them for lunch at lulu's. The weather, food and friends were just what I needed!
I have to admit though, this time made me kind of sad. Avery was such a strong walker the first year we visited with them. Last year was slightly worse but she could still walk. This year no walking at all. I'm hoping (and praying) that she can regain some of the walking skills but she has SO far to go to be back at that point. Her poor calves are almost non existent. The muscle loss from surgery and casting has really taken its toll on her.

Here are pics from the all 3 years!