Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Avery started her seizure medicine on Sunday morning. So far it seems to be fine but her behavior has changed some. Last night I put her to bed like I always do. She needs both of her bunny loveys, paci and her blanket. She rolls over towards the wall and closes her eyes. I knew she was tired and thought that this would be it from her until morning. WRONG!!!

About 15 minutes later as I was putting Cole to bed, I hear her yell. I go to open the door and I cant. Something is blocking it. Yep, that something was Avery! She fell out of her crib!! She has never stood up in her crib so I usually leave the side down. Well I guess she stood up and leaned forward and fell right out!

I'm glad I decided to check on her. Normally once she is in bed, even if she yells I don't go and check on her, she sometimes just needs time to unwind. Poor baby was wandering around her pitch black room for who knows how long!


Anonymous said...

Aww, poor Avery! I hope she was ok!

What medication are you trying? Riley doesn't seem any different so far, although I think it is making her TIRED.

ThePorterFamily said...

Awww. Poor Avery.

Kelly said...

I think you might want to invest in a nightlight for that sweet little girl!

Abbysworld said...

Oh no. Poor thing. I didn't realize she was having seizures. LAst I heard it was still a maybe and we thought they might be tremors.
Have you thought about a video monitor? Maybe a nice thing for Christmas?