Tuesday, February 10, 2009


(First, sorry it is sideways! I cant figure out how to fix it!)

Avery feels so good since we got her seizures under control and she recovered from surgery. Here she is "dancing" to Elmo. Such a happy baby!


Brittney Withers said...

How cute is that!!! I would give ANYTHING to see Zowie dancing around like that!!!!

P.S....Your voice is so much different than I imagined :]

Kelly said...

Avery - you are just too cute!! I can;t wait till I get to see that dancing in person....I bet Brooklyn would love watching you too - hopefully soon!


Karlie Grace said...

Lol, our girls could do this in unison. Karlie has the same moves :) Does Avery ever get really excited and try her best to run? Another funny is when Karlie turns on a dime. She'll switch directions in a hurry, swinging around almost on one foot.

:) Tickled pink that you and Kelly are going to have such a good time!

Grammy said...

Carrie, loved seeing Avery dancing to Elmo...did Kelly tell you Brooklyn picked out Elmo Valentine cards?
You guys have a great time, relax, but do get a little work done lol.
Tell everyone I said "hello".

Love, Suzy

The Mounce family said...

Glad Avery is doing well. Elmo is a favorite at our house too. Has she seen the new TMX Elmo? It's pretty cute. Have a great time in Tampa!

Anonymous said...

Love it! I hope you had a wonderful time in Tampa!

Abbysworld said...

Oh my gosh Carrie. Now I have to get video of Abby dancing in front of the tv. It's like her and Avery are the same kid. I just sat her with my mouth open!