Monday, July 26, 2010

Catch up time!

Here is a recap since my last post..... Avery had surgery June 16th. What was supposed to be an 8 day stay turned into a 12 day stay....between seizures and her tummy adjusting to tube feeds we were forced to stay longer. Seizures have continued to plague here since she got out of the hospital. She is now maxed out on 2 different medicines to control them. Hopefully this combination will do the trick! Now for some good news.... Avery has gained almost 3 pounds since surgery. Her little arms actually have some meat :) She is doing really well and seems to love the feeding tube. When she is hungry now she looks at her pump. Mommy is loving the fact that I can give all medicines through her tube! No more fighting :) We are winding down the summer. School starts back August 16th! I know Avery will be glad to go back and see her friends and teachers.She was SOOO happy to be getting out of the hospital!She sat still and let mommy braid her hair....she looks so grown up!
This was taken this past weekend. Her incision and button are doing great!