Thursday, May 15, 2008

Regression ending???

So we think that Aves might be on her way to the plateau stage! She seems to be alot more animated and aware lately. She is also being more vocal. She seems to be yelling at us. She has life in her eyes that hasn't been there in a long time. Please say a prayer for us!


Anonymous said...

She is on every prayer list i encounter and it does seem to be working. I love it when she yells at us if we are not quick enough to feed her, turn on her DVD etc. She even has been looking at me and smiling--We know she prefers men.
Love and kisses

Brooklyn said...

Avery is ALWAYS in our prayers, I honestly feel like she is part of my family. Regression was such an awful time for our family, I hope she is on her way out of it! The most important thing is that you all are noticing a difference! There is just something so wonderful when they start smiling more and communicating more and seem to want to love on you more. It is SO nice! I hope things work out for us to meet up this summer,I can't wait to give Avery a great big hug. (and you to Carrie!)
Sending our love and hugs from Indiana!!!

Anonymous said...

You are in my prayers too! It was such a wonderful feeling when I saw Riley start to be more aware of what was going on around her. When we first got the Rett diagnosis I wondered if every year was going to be worse than the last but then she came out of regression and I think right now is so much better than this time last year.

XO from Georgia!