Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Therapy pics!

Avery's DT (developmental therapist), Jessica came today. We worked on getting Avery to use her non-dominant hand. She did great. We isolated her good hand and made her use the spoon. She was doing it with very little help from us. She has a very weak grip in her right hand so she need some assistance it getting her hand to her mouth without dropping the spoon but did it several times! Way to go, Avery!


Katy said...

My Lord, that child is skinny!! Hopefully, the clinic will be able to help with that. Give her a big kiss from Aunt Katy.

Brooklyn said...

Avery....GOOD JOB! Keep working hard, we are SO impressed with you! We also hope you have a GREAT visit with Dr. Pearcy - we just know he will fall in love with you immediately!