Sunday, June 1, 2008

Eyes of an angel...

The Eyes of an Angel
From the Angel's mouth,
No words are heard.
Yet all those around her
Know just what she says.
From the Angel's eyes,
We hear her story.
Through her eyes we learn
Her every want and desire.
Look into the Angel's eyes,
And a story you will be told...
A wordless story full of joy...
The story of a Rett Angel.
Borrowed this off another blog...(hope you don't mind Rebecca)


Rebecca said...

I don't mind at all! And that is an absolutely beautiful picture of Avery! I sorry you guys weren't able to make it to Chicago. Hopefully we can all meet next year! I'm already saving up, but secretly hoping it is a West Coast conference!

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful. I love you so very much Miss.Avery. Carrie you are one of the most amazing moms, I hope one day I will be at least half the mom you are. I love you both and Mr.Cole.