Monday, June 30, 2008


My sweet baby girl has become quite the early riser. I can set a clock to it. Exactly 5:45 every morning. She starts kicking her feet and blowing raspberries. I have tried everything to adjust her internal clock. Later nap, later bedtime, earlier bedtime, 1 nap, 2 naps. You name it, I've tried it!

I am tired---At least she has a T.V. in her room. I make her lay there until 6:15 and then I will turn on a movie. It gets me a couple more minutes of rest.

If anyone has any suggestions, please leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

hi avery!! Aunt Penny and Aunt Ginda are learning to respond to your blog. Wish us good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

did it work????? i think so, Avery. We can't wait to see you her in Jax. Hurray. Hugs and kisse to you.

Brooklyn said...

Awww man....that is rough! I hope that little alarm clock doesn't rub off on Brooklyn - she is FINALLY sleeping in. I actually have had to wake her up the past three days to get her seizure meds to her on time. I will pray (for you sake) that it is ONLY A PHASE. Plus, I hope you know I am kidding about to rubbing off - it just means there will be more time to play ;)

Anonymous said...

Riley started waking up early a few months ago like that. We figured she was just hungry - she'd eat breakfast and then take a nap most mornings!

knock on wood but about a week ago she started sleeping in until about 8:00 again.

no clue what is going on with our little girls!