Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Kelly and I had a blast at the Georgia Aquarium! We got to pet stingrays, shark(well we tried anyway!), shrimp, and sea anemones. It was great fun!
We were also flashed by a Beluga whale! He came at the window and posed with all his male glory! The moms standing by us all gasped as they covered the eyes of their kids! It was quite funny. Actually this is the second time an animal has done this to me and Kel. We got quite a show by a monkey at the Indy Zoo!
Neither of us bought a camera---I thought that she always has hers and she thought that I would have brought mine. Oh well, this is all we have to show for our trip! Next time we will ask before assuming.


Grammy said...

Sounds like you guys had a really great time! I'm so glad...you both deserve a little time for yourselves.

Katy said...

Poor lonely fishy!! Glad y'all had fun!

Kelly said...

Is it too early to start planning our next get together??????

Abbysworld said...

That is hilarious. Did he wink too? How you ladies doin???