Monday, August 4, 2008

Other pictures

Just a sweet picture--I really could eat her!
This is how Avery's hair looked after a very restless night in a "big girl Bed"! I decided not to take the pack n play and it was a HUGE mistake!
The patterned carpets and big crack between the elevator and the hallway was a bit much for Aves. She struggled walking in the hotel.
This picture speaks for itself! She was so glad to get in her bed last night. She rolled over and snuggled in and was out within seconds!


Abbysworld said...

She is so cute Carrie. I am so glad you got to go. I'm sure it ws very emotional and frightning. We have never been to a conference but we went to a Rett Syndrome picnic this June. Even though this monster shatters our hopes, dreams and hearts we are so lucky when you look at how functional our girls are in comparison.
If you ever need me cause you are having one of those I cant take it days, or she is or isn't doin something you can call me. And I mean that.
When we first walked down this horrible road I had a Rettmom who's daughter had the same deletion our girls do. She was a godsend to me. We have lost touch and it breaks my heart because she ALWAYS had the answer for me.
Big hugs to you both

Kelly said...

LOVE this first picture, wish I could just reach through this screen and scoop her right up!

Anonymous said...

ha! That's exactly what Riley's head looks like after she wakes up!

Grammy said...

Carrie, this is how Brooklyn's hair looks after a long trip in the carseat! Glad you guys had a good conference and go to meet some of the girls.

Brooklyn's Grammy