Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Last night I began to read the "handbook". In the front of the book was a letter from Kathy Hunter, founder of IRSA and mother to angel, Stacie. These words in particular brought me a sense of peace:

"You daughter brings so many blessings. She may never talk, but she will never talk back. She may never run, but she will never run away from home. she may need drugs to sustain life, but she will never take drugs to escape life. She may never use her hands for skills, but she will not use those hands for violence or evil. Look into her eyes and you can't help but have hope. She lives through her eyes. She loves through her eyes.......Her eyes, windows to the soul, take us to cherished places within her heart. Her eyes do more than see you. They touch us. Every human emotion us whispered, sung, shouted by her dancing, sparking eyes."


Brooklyn said... very very true!