Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I "met" a woman today whose daughter, Siera, has the same deletion as Avery!!

She is 20 years old and gives me such hope for what Avery's future might be like. Her mom said she likes all of the things that typical teenage girls enjoy---she loves music, jewelry, getting dressed up, make-up, men, shopping, the beach, movies.

Thank you Lisa for sharing Siera's story with me!


Brooklyn said...

I am so glad! That is one thing you will find - there are SO many Rett moms out there and we all are here to support and ecourage each other!

Brooklyn said...

I lived in "the Nati" for 8 years -four for college (Cincinnati Bible College)and then four years after college. I lived west side and east side - love every part of it!