Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Poor Avery! She has been battling tummy troubles for over a month. We are waiting on preliminary tests(I had the fun task of sample collecting for 3 days!!!) to see if it is parasites, or an infection or somethings else. She has lost 2 lbs since the end of February. That is 10% of her body weight! On top of that she has a real stomach bug now so everything is going straight through her! I called the nurse (again!) to see if the results were in yet. No word yet. They are also supposed to be getting a referral to the gastro doc for us too. With all the gastro problems that Rett girls have I figured we better get in to see one sooner than later.

Stay tuned for the results...

All tests were negative. Back to square 1.

***UPDATE #2****
The gastro is 13 weeks out on appointments! She had a cancellation for June 24th so we took it. Only 6 weeks to wait----


Rebecca said...

I hope Avery feels better soon. I know this sounds odd, but you might want to ask for an x-ray to check for blockage. I know Caitlyn can get runny stools when she has a blockage because that's all that can get through. I know I've heard of other Rett girls having the same issue. Just a thought.

Brooklyn said...

Any update? We hope Avery is feeling better! Big hugs from Indiana!

Anonymous said...

I hope Avery is feeling better!!