Tuesday, July 15, 2008


On top of loving Kelly for who she is, I love her because she put an entire pound on Avery in 3 short days! She introduced us to a great product that I thought some of the other Rett mom's might like to know about. It is called ENLIVE. It is a 300 calorie, 8 oz apple juice box that Avery loved! She orders it from Walgreen's by the case(the cheapest place she found). It is slightly thicker than regular apple juice so it is doubly great for our girls. The other thing that we learned Avery loves is Nesquik! She drank and ate more on our trip than she ever has!


Grammy said...

Kelly has gotten really good at finding high calorie things for Brookie Bean.....but she still remains a little "peanut". Glad that Avery has a couple of new things in her diet! Don't we all wish we had the problem of putting weight on lol!!!!


Abbysworld said...

Awesome I will look into it.
Thanks. Do you know if they have it in the store so we could try it?

Anonymous said...

I added you guys to my page and to the Rett Family slide

Brooklyn said...

Happy to help!
For anyone that is interested you can also order them one juciebox at a time.