Thursday, July 17, 2008

PT in pictures

Avery had PT and OT today. I think the pictures speak for themselves as to Avery's mood!


Katy said...

"Hey there! :)"

"hmmm, that's interesting..." ;/

"You want me to do freakin' what?!?" ;[

"I want my mommy!!" :(

(The captions below the pics!)

Her hair looks so cute in the that pony tail. Give her a big sloppy kiss for me.

I cannot believe that Mom didn't want to dig through his poo for that tooth. What's HER problem?!? :)~

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are great!! They really capture their moods during therapy sessions!

Brooklyn said...

Katy's captions are perfect.

I LOVE the pictures and the attitude you captured :)

Grammy said...

Brooklyn was a little bit crabby the other day for her PT......Kelly came out, loved on her a minute and that's all it took! Your pictures are priceless. You could win a prize with them.


lesley said...

I Love the last picture with her scrunched up little face-just adorable!