Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wiggles 2

We had a blast! We were so close we could see sweat flying off of them! My posters were a hit. I was going to take pictures of them but my battery is dead. I took 115 pictures last night!
Here are a few.
Kelly-I added a good one of Anthony just for you!


Kelly said...

Thanks for the Anthony picture! Cole - it looks like you had amazing seats and had an awesome time! We can't wait to go next week!

Anonymous said...

Kelly is right--Anthony is pretty hot. im so glad Cole got to go the concert. The wiggles remain his mainstay with Thomas, Bob and SpongeBob coming and going. I remember the first concert-- Cole was so overwhelmed with the noise,people, etc but look how far he has come. Yea!! Cole!!!

Grammy said...

I agree with Gigi.....Anthony is the one to watch! Even grandmas can appreciate "talent" when they see it lol! Gigi, I might add you have fine taste in men!!!! I am so glad Cole had a great time. Looked like Dad enjoyed himself as well. Carrie, I think we are going to "borrow" your poster message. Great idea. I'll have to tell you about a flower arrangement and a similiar message that a retiring teacher's husband had delivered to the office on her last day of teaching.

Abbysworld said...

No fair! The wiggles never come to Kansas City! We love Anthony too. He's so dreamy!