Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Tonight is the big night. The Wiggles concert. Cole's most FAVORITE thing in the world besides his Gigi. We have been preparing for this magical night for quite some time. Cole got a purple Jeff Wiggles shirt for his birthday in May. He also has been watching all the movie brushing up on his Wiggle lingo. He has been coloring pictures of the wiggles, acting out scenes from the videos, alternating between personalities (red, yellow, blue, purple shirt changes several times a day!). We even made posters. (pictures to come!)

This isnt our first rodeo though. Actually it is our 3rd. Sadly I think it will probably be cole's last wiggles concert. The show didnt sell out so Im sure they will scratch it from the schedule.


Katy said...

Well if he really goes through withdrawal afterwards, y'all can come to SA and catch them on the 3rd!! :)~