Monday, July 21, 2008

Fun Times!

Thad's best friend, Trevor, was in town this weekend. We had friends over last night for a BBQ. Cole had a blast entertaining everyone with his singing, dancing, guitar playing and over all goofy antics. Avery was the diva who wanted "her" T.V.(meaning the main TV in the living room). I finally set the portable DVD up in the corner so she could be with us but watch what she wanted. The T.V. was being used for Guitar Hero!

Cole really hit it off with Mary-Allison. He is such a flirt! You better watch out Andy, Cole's going to steal your wife!

We don't get to see Uncle Trevor very often but he always seems to pick up with the kids right where he left off. Avery loved being snuggled in his arm!

Here is a sweet picture of a very tired Avery with her daddy. She doesn't normally fall asleep being held. She wants to be in her bed.


Kelly said...

AWWWW I love the one where she is sleepin in Thad's arms - LOVE the Wiggles shirt too!

Miss you guys!