Thursday, July 31, 2008

SRSA Conference

Avery, Gigi and I are headed to Birmingham to the Southeastern Rett Syndrome Alliance Conference. They are expecting over 30 families. I am very excited to meet other rett girls. I will finally get to meet Riley and Erin (and the rest of their family). Thad and Cole are having a guys weekend. It is good for Thad to play the role of caregiver once in awhile! :)

I am taking my laptop and camera so expect an update or two.


Brooklyn said...

Have fun!! I wish I could be there too. There is nothing like being surreounded by other moms (and dads) that are walking the same "rett path" we are. Plus I would love to scoop up Avery for a big hug!

Anonymous said...

I'll see you there! I can't wait!