Thursday, July 24, 2008

PT pics

more pics!


Brooklyn said...

So...does she have two therapist that work with her at the same time? Is that overwhelming to her?

Avery, you are cute as ever!

Abbysworld said...

We wnt to toys r us and got one of those 5.00 bubble air guns. It works better than and of the 20 and 30 dollar machines we bought. Abby is a bubble baby too. We've got her where she will say pa pa while we are popping them and she just giggles and claps.
Avery looks very interested.
How are you still getting therapy for her at home? I dont think Abby gets near enough at school.

Grammy said...

Carrie, Kelly told me about Avery looking in the bathroom for bubbles. Were you able to go to K-Mart online and find one? They were ten dollars. I am going back to Ohio the end of September to sell my candy at a local festival....I'll check there for you. There are 3 K-marts within
3o miles or so. Let Kelly know if you find one. I'd be happy to check for you...might even get a "back-up" one for Beanie! Give Avery a hug for me.

Brooklyn's grammy Suzy